[openstack-dev] [solum] use of the plan for m1

Angus Salkeld angus.salkeld at rackspace.com
Wed Mar 5 02:52:05 UTC 2014

Hi all

I just wanted to clarify our use of the camp plan file (esp. for m1).

Up until now I have been under the impression that use the plan
to describe the app lifecycle (build/test/deploy) and the contents
of the app.

After attempting to write code that converts plans like this into
heat templates started to think that this is not a good idea as
it is mixing two ideas from very different areas. It also makes
the resulting plan complex.

I suggest we move from some of the plans suggested here:

to a very simple:
- name: My Python App
   artifact_type: application.heroku
   content: { href: http://github.com/some/project }

For m1 we can assume a lifecycle of build and deploy. After that
we can figure out how we would want to expose the lifecycle
choices/customization to the user.



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