[openstack-dev] Disaster Recovery for OpenStack - call for stakeholder

Ronen Kat RONENKAT at il.ibm.com
Tue Mar 4 11:16:07 UTC 2014


In the Hong-Kong summit, there was a lot of interest around OpenStack 
support for Disaster Recovery including a design summit session, an 
un-conference session and a break-out session.
In addition we set up a Wiki for OpenStack disaster recovery - see 
The first step was enabling volume replication in Cinder, which has 
started in the Icehouse development cycle and will continue into Juno.

Toward the Juno summit and development cycle we would like to send out a 
"call for disaster recovery stakeholders", looking to:
* Create a list of use-cases and scenarios for disaster recovery with 
* Find interested parties who wish to contribute features and code to 
advance disaster recovery in OpenStack
* Plan needed for discussions at the Juno summit

To coordinate such efforts, I  would like to invite you to a conference 
call on Wednesday March 5 at 12pm ET and work together coordinating 
actions for the Juno summit (an invitation is attached).
We will record minutes of the call at - 
(link also available from the disaster recovery wiki page).
If you are unable to join and interested, please register your self and 
share your thoughts.

Call in numbers are available at 

Passcode: 6406941

Ronen I. Kat, PhD
Storage Research
IBM Research - Haifa
Phone: +972.3.7689493
Email: ronenkat at il.ibm.com
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