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Mon Mar 3 16:16:43 UTC 2014


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On March 3, 2014 10:12:43 AM Jay Pipes <jaypipes at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Sat, 2014-03-01 at 16:30 -0700, John Griffith wrote:
> > Hey,
> > I just wanted to send out a quick note on a topic that came up
> > recently.  Unfortunately the folks that I'd like to read this most;
> > don't participate on the ML typically, but I'd at least like to raise
> > some community awareness.
> > We all know OpenStack is growing at a rapid pace and has a lot of
> > promise, so much so that there's an enormous field of vendors and OS
> > distributions that are focusing a lot of effort and marketing on the
> > project.
> > Something that came up recently in the Cinder project is that one of
> > the backend device vendors wasn't happy with a feature that somebody
> > was working on and contributed a patch for.  Instead of providing a
> > meaningful review and suggesting alternatives to the patch they set up
> > meetings with other vendors leaving the active members of the
> > community out and picked things apart in their own format out of the
> > public view.  Nobody from the core Cinder team was involved in these
> > discussions or meetings (at least that I've been made aware of).
> > I don't want to go into detail about who, what, where etc at this
> > point.  I instead, I want to point out that in my opinion this is no
> > way to operate in an Open Source community.  Collaboration is one
> > thing, but ambushing other peoples work is entirely unacceptable in my
> > opinion.  OpenStack provides a plethora of ways to participate and
> > voice your opinion, whether it be this mailing list, the IRC channels
> > which are monitored daily and also host a published weekly meeting for
> > most projects.  Of course when in doubt you're welcome to send me an
> > email at any time with questions or concerns that you have about a
> > patch.  In any case however the proper way to address concerns about a
> > submitted patch is to provide a review for that patch.
> > Everybody has a voice and the ability to participate, and the most
> > effective way to do that is by thorough, timely and constructive code
> > reviews.
> > I'd also like to point out that while a number of companies and
> > vendors have fancy taglines like "The Leaders of OpenStack", they're
> > not.  OpenStack is a community effort, as of right now there is no
> > company that leads or runs OpenStack.  If you have issues or concerns
> > on the development side you need to take those up with the development
> > community, not vendor xyz.
> +100
> And another +1 for use of the word plethora.
> I will point out -- not knowing who these actors were -- that sometimes
> it is tough for some folks to adapt to open community methodologies and
> open discussions. Some people simply don't know any other way of
> resolving differences other than to work in private or develop what they
> consider to be "consensus" between favored parties in order to drive
> "change by bullying". We must, as a community, both make it clear
> (through posts such as this) that this behavior is antithetical to how
> the OpenStack community functions, and also provide these individuals
> with as much assistance as possible in changing their long-practiced
> habits. Some stick. Some carrot.
> Best,
> -jay
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