[openstack-dev] [Ironic] Juno priorities and spec review timeline

Devananda van der Veen devananda.vdv at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 22:12:10 UTC 2014

Hi all!

We're roughly at the midway point between summit and release, and I
feel that's a good time to take a look at our progress compared to the
goals we set out at the design summit. To that end, I re-opened my
summit notes about what features we had prioritized in Atlanta, and
engaged many the core reviewers in a discussion last friday to
estimate what we'll have time to review and land in the remainder of
this cycle. Based on that, I've created this spreadsheet to represent
those expectations and our current progress towards what we think we
can achieve this cycle:


Aside from several cleanup- and test-related tasks, these goals
correlate to spec reviews that have already been proposed. I've
crossed off ones which we discussed at the summit, but for which no
proposal has yet been submitted. The spec-review team and I will be
referring to this to help us prioritize specs reviews. While I am not
yet formally blocking proposals which do not fit within this list of
priorities, the review team is working with a large back-log and
probably won't have time to review anything else this cycle. If you're
concerned that you won't be able to land your favorite feature in
Juno, the best thing you can do is to participate in reviewing other
people's code, join the core team, and help us accelerate the
development process of "K".

Borrowing a little from Nova's timeline, I have proposed the following
timeline for Ironic. Note that dates listed are Thursdays, and numbers
in parentheses are weeks until feature freeze.

You may also note that I'll be offline for two weeks immediately prior
to the Juno-3 milestone, which is another reason why I'd like the core
review team to have a solid plan (read: approved specs) in place by
Aug 14.

July 3 (-9): spec review day on Wednesday (July 2)
             focus on landing specs for our priorities:

Jul 24 (-6): Juno-2 milestone tagged
             new spec proposal freeze

Jul 31 (-5): midcycle meetup (July 27-30)

Aug 14 (-3): last spec review day on Wednesday (Aug 13)

Aug 21 (-2): PTL offline all week

Aug 28 (-1): PTL offline all week

Sep  4 ( 0): Juno-3 milestone tagged
             Feature freeze
             K opens for spec proposals
             Unmerged J spec proposals must rebase on K
             Merged J specs with no code proposed are deleted and may
be re-proposed for K
             Merged J specs with code proposed need to be reviewed for

Sep 25 (+3): RC 1 build expected
             K spec reviews start

Oct 16 (+6): Release!

Oct 30 (+8): K summit spec proposal freeze
             K summit sessions should have corresponding spec proposal

Nov  6 (+9): K design summit


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