[openstack-dev] [Jenkins] [Cinder] InvocationError in gate-cinder-python26 & python27

Steve Kowalik steven at wedontsleep.org
Mon Jun 30 06:47:43 UTC 2014

On 30/06/14 16:37, Amit Das wrote:
> I have been facing below issues at gate-cinder-python26 &
> gate-cinder-python27 after uploading my patch.
> I assume this to be an infrastructure issue than an issue with my patch.
> Can someone please confirm ?
> .....
> 2014-06-30 05:41:57.704 | check_uptodate.sh: cinder.conf.sample is not
> up to date.

This usually means that Oslo (the common libraries used by many
projects) has added an configuration option. It's in fact a problem with
cinder, in that they need to make sure the sample configuration file is
up to date, but it will affect all patches until it is fixed. I'm sure
it will get sorted out quickly.

Personally, I think generating and comparing a sample config every build
is daft, and a sample configuration should be generated during sdist or

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