[openstack-dev] [nova][baremetal] Scheduling baremetal deployment on different hw model

Taurus Cheung Taurus.Cheung at harmonicinc.com
Mon Jun 30 04:26:20 UTC 2014


I am working on deploying images to bare-metal machines using nova bare-metal. My datacenter has 2 types of hw models, IBM and Dell. In existing implementation, if I want to deploy image on specified type of hw model, I need to setup 2 baremetal compute nodes, one for container of IBM machine, the other for Dell machine. Then baremetal register machines to their corresponding compute node. Finally use nova flavor and heterogeneous group to map specified compute node so I can explicitly specify the hw model to deploy, as illustrated as following flow chart:

Flavor_IBM -> (mapping by flavor extra_spec) -> Heterogeneous_Group_IBM -> Compute_Node_IBM -> IBM machines
Flavor_Dell -> (mapping by flavor extra_spec) -> Heterogeneous_Group_Dell -> Compute_Node_Dell -> Dell machines

The existing approach has a drawback: I need to setup 1 baremetal compute node for each hw model. If I have 10 hw models in my datacenter, I need to setup 10 baremetal compute node, which would be a high overhead. Is there any update in ironic to tackle this?

I think one of the possible enhancement is adding a field like hw_model in nova.bm_nodes DB and passing to nova scheduler, so different hw models of machine can under the same baremetal compute node and heterogeneous group. Just using different extra_spec in nova flavor to specifiy hw_model. Is it a good idea?

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