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A, Keshava keshava.a at hp.com
Mon Jun 30 04:09:06 UTC 2014

Please share any blue-print, information about how dr-agent talks to BGP routing protocol  running in Provider router ?
That means dr-agent also  running BGP routing protocol ?
Please share that design/blue-print ?

Thanks & Regards,

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On Sat, Jun 28, 2014 at 3:57 AM, A, Keshava <keshava.a at hp.com<mailto:keshava.a at hp.com>> wrote:
I have added the  + community in this List.

Please find my thoughts  how it may/can evolve later once BGP is introduced.
Data center will host multi-Tennant with overlapping address amount tenants with private IP address.
When these Data centers are geographically  separated, and connected over Service provider network they will continue to communicate  to each other over there Private IP address only.
Since there is overlapping , these “ private-IP needs to be injected with corresponding VPN into BGP respective vrf-table”
We may have multiple options
1.       Learn these IP dynamically by each BGP inject this IP to Gate way BGP.
2.       Inject all the VM ip to Gateway router by Controller.
==> OpenStack Controller to add the private Prefix ?
==> Or  ODL controller  to add ?

because VM state is first known by nova, then to Neutron by vif binding . The neutron server send these message to dr-agent, dr-agent speak BGP to provider router. No need for ODL, either no need for any CN/NN and data-plane gateway to speak BGP.

                         When VM moves dynamically to different subnet/Rack: : adding by controller and then advertising this new prefix may be too late ?

there is callback notify for sync between nova and neutron, since Icehouse. however, if you really need this kind of strict order, you have to change nova compute driver to pend, waiting for neutron finished it's work.

Let me know the opinions.

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Thank  & regards,

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Subject: Change in openstack/neutron-specs[master]: BGP dynamic routing

Carl Baldwin has posted comments on this change.

Change subject: BGP dynamic routing

Patch Set 8: Code-Review-1


Still concerned about the first diagram.  Ping me tomorrow if you want.

File specs/juno/bgp-dynamic-routing.rst:

Line 29: Allow Neutron to dynamically announce to from external uplink
nit: maybe insert "and/or" here between to and from.

Line 50:       gateway_router[color = red];
In this topology, the red router is still the single router between the Openstack network and the uplinks.  So, there are not multiples paths.  I think openstack would have to peer with the gateway and then the gateway would have to peer with the uplinks because it is the next hop for both uplinks.

The red gateway router needs to be configured with the neutron networks anyway so why would it need to learn them from openstack through BGP?  Why wouldn't the gateway router simply peer with the uplinks and announce what it knows?  I don't see a need for BGP in openstack with this diagram.

Line 93:     uplink_router1;
This diagram is more like what I was thinking.  Here, it might make sense for openstack to speak with the uplinks.

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