[openstack-dev] [all] 3rd Party CI vs. Gerrit

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Sat Jun 28 00:40:39 UTC 2014

Sean Dague <sean at dague.net> writes:

> It seems what we actually want is a dashboard of these results. We want
> them available when we go to Gerrit, but we don't want them in Gerrit
> itself.

I agree with most of what you wrote, particularly that we want them
available in Gerrit and with a sensible presentation.  Though I don't
think that necessarily excludes storing the data in Gerrit, as Khai
points out.

I think one ideal interface is a table in Gerrit of all the jobs run on
a change (from all systems) and their results (with links).  That sounds
like the project David is working on (that Khai pointed out), which
isn't surprising -- we sketched out the initial design with him about
three years ago; our needs are very similar.

David's proposal is a table like:

  Job/Category | started on | ended on | href | status
  foo [...]
  bar [...]
  bat […]

I think that's a great approach because it provides the needed
information to reviewers in an appropriate interface in Gerrit.

I suspect that whether the data are stored in Gerrit or a different
system, the (future) vinz web ui could retrieve it from either.

An alternate approach would be to have third-party CI systems register
jobs with OpenStack's Zuul rather than using their own account.  This
would mean only a single report of all jobs (upstream and 3rd-party)
per-patchset.  It significantly reduces clutter and makes results more
accessible -- but even with one system we've never actually wanted to
have Jenkins results in comments, so I think one of the other options
would be preferred.  Nonetheless, this is possible with a little bit of

If anyone is seriously interested in working on Sean's proposal or
something similar, please write up a spec in the
openstack-infra/infra-specs repo.  If you'd like to help with David's
proposal, the upstream Gerrit project is the best place to collaborate.


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