[openstack-dev] Log / error message format best practices & standards

Ahmed RAHAL arahal at iweb.com
Thu Jun 26 20:56:07 UTC 2014


Le 2014-06-26 12:14, boden a écrit :
> We were recently having a discussion over here in trove regarding a
> standardized format to use for log and error messages - obviously
> consistency is ideal (within and across projects). As this discussion
> involves the broader dev community, bringing this topic to the list for
> feedback...
> For in-line values (#a above) I find single quotes the most consumable
> as they are a clear indication the value came from code and moreover
> provide a clear set of delimiters around the value. However to date
> unquoted appears to be the most widely used.


> For appended values (#b above) I find a delimiter such as ':' most
> consumable as it provides a clear boundary between the message and
> value. Using ':' seems fairly common today, but you'll find other
> formatting throughout the code.



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