[openstack-dev] [Manila] Query on docstrings and method names

Deepak Shetty dpkshetty at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 11:01:02 UTC 2014

Hi All,
    With respect to the comment made by xian-yang @

for _update_share_status and the docstring that the method has, which is
"""Retrieve status info from share volume group."""

I have few questions based on the above...

1) "share volume group" in docstring is incorrect, since its a glusterfs
driver. But I think i know why it says volume group, probably because it
came from lvm.py to begin with. I see that all other drivers also say
volume group, tho' it may not be the right thing to say for their
respective case.

Do we want to ensure that the docstrings are put in a way thats meaningful
to the driver ?

2) _update_share_status method - I see the same issue here.. it says the
same in all other drivers.. but as xian pointed, it should be rightfully
called _update_share_stats. So should we wait for all driver to follow suit
or start changing in the driver specific code as and when we touch that
part of code ?

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