[openstack-dev] [nova] Why is there a 'None' task_state between 'SCHEDULING' & 'BLOCK_DEVICE_MAPPING'?

wu jiang wingwj at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 07:18:31 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Recently, some of my instances were stuck in task_state 'None' during VM
creation in my environment.

So I checked & found there's a 'None' task_state between 'SCHEDULING' &

The related codes are implemented like this:

#    def _start_building():
#        self._instance_update(context, instance['uuid'],
#                              vm_state=vm_states.BUILDING,
#                              task_state=None,
#                              expected_task_state=(task_states.SCHEDULING,
#                                                   None))

So if compute node is rebooted after that procession, all building VMs on
it will always stay in 'None' task_state. And it's useless and not
convenient for locating problems.

Why not a new task_state for this step?

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