[openstack-dev] [TripleO] dib-utils Release Question

Ben Nemec openstack at nemebean.com
Tue Jun 24 17:07:06 UTC 2014

Whoops, sorry, I didn't realize a tox.ini was required to release the
project.  We do actually need to push this to pypi because it's going to
be a dep of diskimage-builder, so although there is currently no Python
code in the project it needs to be pip installable anyway (similar to

I've pushed https://review.openstack.org/#/c/102291 to add a basic
tox.ini that should get the build command below working.



On 06/24/2014 08:04 AM, Jay Dobies wrote:
> Ahh, ok. I had just assumed it was a Python library, but I admittedly 
> didn't look too closely at it. Thanks :)
> On 06/23/2014 09:32 PM, Steve Kowalik wrote:
>> On 24/06/14 06:31, Jay Dobies wrote:
>>> I finished the releases for all of our existing projects and after
>>> poking around tarballs.openstack.org and pypi, it looks like they built
>>> successfully. Yay me \o/
>>> However, it doesn't look like dib-utils build worked. I don't see it
>>> listed on tarballs.openstack.org. It was the first release for that
>>> project, but I didn't take any extra steps (I just followed the
>>> instructions on the releases wiki and set it to version 0.0.1).
>>> I saw the build for it appear in zuul but I'm not sure how to go back
>>> and view the results of a build once it disappears off the main page.
>>> Can someone with experience releasing a new project offer me any insight?
>> \o/
>> I've been dealing with releases of new projects from the os-cloud-config
>> side recently, so let's see.
>> dib-utils has a post job of dib-utils-branch-tarball, so the job does
>> exist, as you pointed out, but it doesn't hurt to double check.
>> The object the tag points to is commit
>> 45b7cf44bc939ef08afc6b1cb1d855e0a85710ad, so logs can be found at
>> http://logs.openstack.org/45/45b7cf44bc939ef08afc6b1cb1d855e0a85710ad
>> And from the log a few levels deep at the above URL, we see:
>> 2014-06-16 07:17:13.122 | + tox -evenv python setup.py sdist
>> 2014-06-16 07:17:13.199 | ERROR: toxini file 'tox.ini' not found
>> 2014-06-16 07:17:13.503 | Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
>> Since it's not a Python project, no tarball or pypi upload.
>> Cheers,
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