[openstack-dev] Stackalytics 0.6 released!

Herman Narkaytis hnarkaytis at mirantis.com
Tue Jun 24 16:17:20 UTC 2014

Hi Stackers,
  More then a year ago Mirantis announced Stackalytics as a public resource
for the OpenStack community. Initially it was an internal tool for our
performance tracking, but later resource became de-facto standard for
measuring contribution statistics. We've started with several POCs on
different technologies which were targeted to show decent performance on 1
million records. At that time there were only 50k commits records and we
estimated to achieve 1M in 3 years. I'm glad to admit that we were wrong.
Now Stackalytics handles not only commits, but reviews, blueprints, bugs,
emails, registrations on openstack.org, etc. We've reached 1M bound and
still are able to generate reports in seconds!

  Today we'd like to announce 0.6 release with a bunch of new features:

   - Implemented module classification based on programs.yaml with
   retrospective integrated/incubated attribution
   - Added support for co-authored commits
   - Added metrics on filed and resolved bugs
   - Added drill-down report on OpenStack foundation members

  I want to say thank you to our development team and especially to Ilya
Shakhat, Pavel Kholkin and Yury Taraday.

  Please feel free to provide your feedback. It's highly appreciated.

Herman Narkaytis
DoO Ru, PhD
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