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melanie witt melwitt at outlook.com
Mon Jun 23 21:33:26 UTC 2014

On Jun 20, 2014, at 11:07, Sean Dague <sean at dague.net> wrote:

> H402 - 1 line doc strings should end in punctuation. The real statement
> is this should be a summary sentence. A sentence is not just a set of
> words that end in a period. Squirel fast bob. It's something deeper.
> This rule thus isn't really semantically useful, especially when you are
> talking about at 69 character maximum (79 - 4 space indent - 6 quote
> characters).


> H803 - First line of a commit message must *not* end in a period. This
> was mostly a response to an unreasonable core reviewer that was -1ing
> people for not having periods. I think any core reviewer that -1s for
> this either way should be thrown off the island, or at least made fun
> of, a lot. Again, the clarity of a commit message is not made or lost by
> the lack or existence of a period at the end of the first line.


> H305 - Enforcement of libraries fitting correctly into stdlib, 3rdparty,
> our tree. This biggest issue here is it's built in a world where there
> was only 1 viable python version, 2.7. Python's stdlib is actually
> pretty dynamic and grows over time. As we embrace more python 3, and as
> distros start to make python3 be front and center, what does this even
> mean? The current enforcement can't pass on both python2 and python3 at
> the same time in many cases because of that.

I also find the grouping useful for knowing the scope of a module at a glance. But I definitely see the problem with not being able to fit python 2 and 3 at the same time. If Clint's suggestion of algorithm to sort it out wouldn't be too difficult to add, it would be nice.

I'm also strongly for commit messages that make sense and explain what's changing and why, and reference related bugs and docs whenever possible.

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