[openstack-dev] [all] oslosphinx released

Doug Hellmann doug.hellmann at dreamhost.com
Mon Jun 23 13:56:49 UTC 2014

The Oslo team is pleased to announce the release of oslosphinx, the first pre-release in the 2.2.0 series for oslosphinx
during the Juno cycle.

oslosphinx is the package providing our theme and extension support
for Sphinx documentation.

This release includes:

$ git log --abbrev-commit --pretty=oneline 2.1.0..HEAD

ea4511e Bump hacking to 0.9.x series
616f90e Updated from global requirements
9813d18 Merge "Support building wheels (PEP-427)"
1933275 Merge "Add Python 3 trove classifiers"
b612e98 Merge "Prevent left sidebar text overflow"
40d720e Prevent left sidebar text overflow
4b0525f Add Python 3 trove classifiers
195ce9e Support building wheels (PEP-427)

For more details about the 2.2.0 release series, see

Please report problems using the oslo bug tracker

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