[openstack-dev] [Octavia] PTL and core team members

Stephen Balukoff sbalukoff at bluebox.net
Thu Jun 19 22:18:20 UTC 2014

Howdy y'all!

Among other things that happened at the Neutron LBaaS mid-cycle hackathon,
we have now put together process around, and established Octavia as a
stackforge project. For those just joining us, Octavia is going to become
an open-source operator-grade load balancer implementation. It will consume
the Neutron LBaaS driver API, and be a consumer of Neutron, Nova, and other
OpenStack APIs to deliver load balancing services. (It is not meant to
supplant Neutron LBaaS, or be a general solution which can work with any
vendor back-end. Think of it as another load balancer vendor.)

Anyway, since we want to run this project with the intent of eventually
being incubated, we'd like to get it off the ground using standard
OpenStack methodologies, processes, and best practices. This also means
that we need a PTL and team of core developers who will have +2 voting
status on code and spec reviews for the project.

I'd like to throw my hat into the ring for PTL.

I'm not sure how elections on this should work (other than being open). But
in any case, I also think that core developers for this project should
probably come from the companies who have been active in the discussion of
LBaaS in the last few months who are also interested in contributing to the
Octavia project.

Who would you like to see as PTL and core developers in this project?


Stephen Balukoff
Blue Box Group, Inc.
(800)613-4305 x807
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