[openstack-dev] What's Up Doc? June 19, 2014

Anne Gentle anne at openstack.org
Thu Jun 19 20:49:14 UTC 2014

This week I gave a webinar offering an overview of the work coming up in
Juno. The Identity and Image program technical leads also gave their
overviews including an exciting update to the glance team's mission. You
can watch the recording here:


__In review and merged this past week__

This merge adds the automated tables showing the replaced and deprecated
options for swift in icehouse:

You'll notice that many of those options do not have help text. For
example, all options for container sync do not have descriptions. We need
swift developers to fill in those. Please fill those in swift devs in your
source code so we can continue to bring in options automatically from your

Trove devs, we are finding similar gaps in config option information in
your source code as well. Please make it a priority.

I've created a doc review dashboard that's improved from the one I sent
last week. See the long one [1] below or use http://is.gd/openstackdocreview

I believe I've sent the IBM Style Guide to our core reviewers but let me
know if you have not gotten yours (other than international folks where
shipments take longer, Emilien, Gauvain, Lana, and Tom). :)

__High priority doc work__

I met with Marton Kiss and Gergely Szalay today to scope out design work
for developer.openstack.org. Everett Toewes and I had a good info
architecture session this week also to try to determine what content
belongs on the site and what we should link to. I expect to meet with
Marton and Gergely weekly while we get the scope nailed down for the
redesign. Once we have wireframes and information archictecture settled,
they can work on css/html designs. The next phase would be any decisions on
frameworks. I've let Jim Blair know this work is going on this release. If
you have any questions, please ask. I'm continuing to refine the list of
requirements in the spreadsheet we used at the Summit. I've added a Tooling
tab also:


__Ongoing doc work__

The Compute API v2 and v3 still has about 60 documentation bugs. I closed a
few this week but I'd like to see more work done.

Also I'd love more triaging doc bugs, there are over 40 new ones needing
someone to take a look. Doc bug triaging is a great way to get familiar
with the various parts of the documentation. I triaged all the ones for
api-site last week, here are the ones for openstack-manuals. Have at 'em!


__New incoming doc requests__

The LBaaS API v2 WADL has some updates and Min Wang from HP is working
through those. Help out with reviews as often as you can.

Matt Griffin from Percona is interested in finding where they can
contribute to the OpenStack docs for MySQL tuning and the like. I've said
my preference would be for enhancements to the Ops Guide and Security Guide
first, followed by the HA Guide, and only a light touch in the Install
Guide because the Install Guide is intended for an easy proof-of-concept
and a learning opportunity. Let me know if you differ in that direction or
if I'm missing anything.

__Doc tools updates__

You can now xinclude content more than once, when the 2.1.0
clouddocs-maven-plugin is released and this patch lands:
https://review.openstack.org/#/c/100413/. I believe this feature was
requested by the training team for their re-use of content. Try it out and
let us know what you think.

Gauvain has made great strides with automating the Object Storage
configuration options. Take a look at

__Other doc news__

Looking forward to the design and architecture guide book sprint coming up
July 7-11!

And if you ever have a need for an OpenStack-savvy doc writer, please feel
free to let me know and I'm happy to help spread the word. Take a look at
the OpenStack jobs board at http://openstack.org/jobs for current

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