[openstack-dev] [Fuel] Meeting notes on LSI (17.06)

Nikolay Markov nmarkov at mirantis.com
Wed Jun 18 11:11:08 UTC 2014

Hi colleagues,

We had a meeting with LSI guys yesterday, discussing status of this feature
as a possible Fuel/Nailgun plugin. There was no final decision, but there
are two possible ways to simplify our integration:

- LSI team can continue modifying Fuel itself, but with strong targeting on
future moving this code to separate plugin. The approach, hooks and points
of interaction can be done according to pull request on plugin
implementation (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/97827/)
- We have some issues right now with UI plugins, so we can do it this way:
UI part of LSI may be merged directly into Fuel (until we stabilize UI
plugins and move this code out), and all Python business logic can be
implemented as a separate Python package (this will also help us in adding
some particular hooks which can be useful in cases like this).

As for me, the second approach is better in some ways, but in this case we
can't call LSI a "plugin", because it will be something intermediate.
Nevertheless, full plugin support is declared for Fuel 6.0, so it seems
like a good thing to do some steps towards it already.

Best regards,
Nick Markov
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