[openstack-dev] [TripleO] pacemaker management tools

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Is cibadmin available in the different distros? This can be used to update the CIB based on XML description of full pacemaker config. I have used this on ubuntu in the past and found it more reliable than using crm commands for automated deployment/configuration of pacemaker clusters. It also has patch facility, which I haven't used.

I wouldn't have assumed that the pacemaker config needed to be a static file baked into an image. If cibadmin is an option, the different elements requiring pacemaker control could supply their relevant XML snippets (based off config values supplied via heat) and a pacemaker/pacemaker-config element could apply those XML configs to the running cluster (with checks for resource naming clashes, etc.) Does that sound like a possible approach?


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On 06/12/2014 09:37 PM, Adam Gandelman wrote:
> It's been a while since I've used these tools and I'm not 100% surprised
> they've fragmented once again. :)  That said, does pcs support creating
> the CIB configuration in bulk from a file? I know that crm shell would
> let you dump the entire cluster config and restore from file.  Unless
> the CIB format has differs now, couldn't we just create the entire thing
> first and use a single pcs or crm command to import it to the cluster,
> rather than building each resource command-by-command?

That is an interesting idea. But I'm afraid that this can't be used in 
TripleO use-case. We would have to keep the whole cluster definition as 
a static file which would be included when building overcloud image. 
Keeping this static definition up-to-date sounds like a complex task. 
Also this would make impossible any customization based on used 
elements. For example if there are 2 elements which use pacemaker - 
neutron-l3-agent and ceilometer-agent-central, then I couldn't use them 


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