[openstack-dev] [nova] Do any hyperviors allow disk reduction as part of resize ?

John Garbutt john at johngarbutt.com
Tue Jun 17 12:57:14 UTC 2014

So I am +1 deprecating resize down, mostly for consistency reasons.

On 16 June 2014 10:34, Day, Phil <philip.day at hp.com> wrote:
> Beyond what is and isn’t technically possible at the file system level there
> is always the problem that the user may have more data than can fit into the
> reduced disk.
> I don’t want to take away useful functionality from folks if there are cases
> where it already works – mostly I just want to improve the user experience,
> and  to me the biggest problem here is the current failure mode where the
> user can’t tell if the request has been tried and failed, or just not
> happened at all for some other reason.
> What if we introduced a new state of “Resize_failed” from which the only
> allowed operations are “resize_revert” and delete – so the user can at least
> get some feedback on the cases that can’t be supported ?

In the XenAPI driver, the instance actions should report the error
that occurred and how to fix it (i.e. you have too much data in your
disk, delete some).

Longer term, the tasks API makes it much more obvious what happens
with async tasks that error, with a clean rollback.

Given we are leaning towards deprecation, I would rather we didn't add
an extra Resize_failed state.


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