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Avishay Balderman AvishayB at Radware.com
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Will Neutron is going to follow Nova?


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what you say here is correct.
However, as we are in the process of moving to Pecan as REST API framework I would probably refrain from adding new features to it at this stage.

Therefore, even if far from ideal, this kind of validation should perhaps be performed in the DB layer. I think this already happens for several API resources.


On 5 June 2014 13:01, Avishay Balderman <AvishayB at radware.com<mailto:AvishayB at radware.com>> wrote:
With the current REST API engine in neutron we can declare attributes validations.
We have a rich set of validation functions https://github.com/openstack/neutron/blob/master/neutron/api/v2/attributes.py
However we do not have the concept of entity level validation.

I have an API ‘create-something’ and Something is an entity having 2 attributes:
Something {
  Attribute A
 Attribute B
And according to the business logic A must be greater than B

As for today our framework cannot handle  this kind of validation and the call is going inside a lower layer of neutron and must be validated there.
Example: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/93871/9

With this we have the validations implemented across multi layers. I think we better have the validations in one layer.



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