[openstack-dev] Nova-compute stucking at spawning

abhishek jain ashujain9727 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 05:00:58 UTC 2014


I have installed openstack using devstack.I'm able to boot VM from
openstack cloud on the controller node.When I'm trying to boot VM on the
compute node,it is stucking at spawning state.The logs of the nova-compute
on the controller node is almost the same as that of of the nova-compute on
the compute node except one difference i.e the

', '/usr/bin/tee: /sys/class/net/tapd836ffc38-f2/brport/hairpin_mode: No
such file or directory\n')
2014-06-13 09:45:17.314 DEBUG nova.virt.libvirt.driver
267-65912a4ce477 admin admin] [instance:
46c68bd3-455b-4997-a9a0-8bd04de3da51] II
nstance is running spawn /opt/stack/nova/nova/virt/libvirt/driver.py:2092^M

It is not able to get any tap directry in /sys/class/net path.

Please help regarding this .

Abhishek Jain
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