[openstack-dev] [metrics] How to group activity in git/gerrit repositories

Stefano Maffulli stefano at openstack.org
Fri Jun 13 00:07:29 UTC 2014

Hello folks,

we're working on a quarterly report of activities in all our git and
gerrit repositories to understand the dynamics of contributions across
different dimensions. This report will be similar to what Bitergia
produced at release time.

I'd like to discuss more widely the format of how to meaningfully group
the information presented. One basic need is to have a top level view
and then drill down based on the release status of each project. A
suggested classification would be based on the programs.yaml file:

- OpenStack Software (top level overview):
   - integrated
   - incubated
   - clients
   - other:
       common libraries
- OpenStack Quality Assurance
- OpenStack Documentation
- OpenStack Infrastructure
- OpenStack Release management

It seems easy but based on that grouping, integrated and incubated git
repositories are easy to spot in programs.yaml (they have
integrated-since attribute).

Let's have the Sahara program as an example:

    - repo: openstack/sahara
      incubated-since: icehouse
      integrated-since: juno
    - repo: openstack/python-saharaclient
    - repo: openstack/sahara-dashboard
    - repo: openstack/sahara-extra
    - repo: openstack/sahara-image-elements
    - repo: openstack/sahara-specs

So, for the OpenStack Software part:
* openstack/sahara is integrated in juno and incubated since icehouse.
* Then clients: python-saharaclient is easy to spot. Is it standard and
accepted practice that all client projects are called
* And what about the rest of the sahara-* projects: where would they go?
with openstack/sahara? or somewhere else, in others? devstack?

Other repositories for which I have no clear classification:

    - repo: openstack/swift-bench
    - repo: openstack/django_openstack_auth
    - repo: openstack/tuskar-ui
    - repo: openstack/heat-cfntools
    - repo: openstack/heat-specs
    - repo: openstack/heat-templates
    - repo: openstack-dev/heat-cfnclient
    - repo: openstack/trove-integration
    - repo: openstack/ironic-python-agent
    - repo: stackforge/kite

Any suggestions on how you would like to see these classified: with
together with the integrated/incubated 'parent' program (sahara with
sahara-dashboard, sahara-extra etc  or separately under 'other'? Or
they're all different and we need to look at them one by one?

Let me know what you think (tomorrow office hour, 11am PDT, is a good
time to chat about this).


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