[openstack-dev] mysql/mysql-python license "contamination" into openstack?

Jay Pipes jaypipes at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 20:18:22 UTC 2014

On 06/12/2014 02:13 PM, Chris Friesen wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for the community viewpoint on whether there is any chance
> of license contamination between mysql and nova.  I realize that lawyers
> would need to be involved for a proper ruling, but I'm curious about the
> view of the developers on the list.
> Suppose someone creates a modified openstack and wishes to sell it to
> others.  They want to keep their changes private.  They also want to use
> the mysql database.

IANAL and all that...but...

The problem is not in their closed product *using* MySQL. The problem is 
in the *distribution* of the product. If the product is distributed with 
MySQL packaged with the product (and thereby the product is distributing 
the MySQL source or binaries), that is not permitted by the GPL.


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