[openstack-dev] [rally] Proposal to reduce amount of conf options

Sergey Skripnick sskripnick at mirantis.com
Thu Jun 12 13:26:26 UTC 2014

IMO it is good if default values are calculated from cloud_speed, and  
there is also ability to change every single option.

> Hi all,
> At this moment in rally we have for almost every benchmark scenario (or  
> at least service) bunch of >CONF options.That are used to setup pool  
> interval and pre pool pause. Here is the section:  
> https://github.com/>stackforge/rally/blob/master/etc/rally/rally.conf.sample#L142-L293
> If default values works for you then you are happy, but if your cloud is  
> faster or slower then you'll >need probably to change all these  
> parameters => which is painful operation.
> I would like to proposal to have just one configuration option called  
> "cloud_speed" or something like >that, all other conf options related to  
> pre pool and pause before pooling will be removed and >actually just  
> calculated from "cloud_speed". So it will be quite simple to setup all  
> pooling >intervals updating only one parameter.
> Btw if we will have only one argument, we can make some method that will  
> automatically adjust it >before running benchmark.  
> Thoughts?
> Best regards,
> Boris Pavlovic

Sergey Skripnick

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