[openstack-dev] Problematic gate-tempest-dsvm-virtual-ironic job

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Thu Jun 12 11:55:46 UTC 2014

Sean Dague wrote:
> Current gate-tempest-dsvm-virtual-ironic has only a 65% pass rate *in
> the gate* over the last 48 hrs -
> http://logstash.openstack.org/#eyJzZWFyY2giOiJidWlsZF9uYW1lOmdhdGUtdGVtcGVzdC1kc3ZtLXZpcnR1YWwtaXJvbmljIEFORCAobWVzc2FnZTpcIkZpbmlzaGVkOiBTVUNDRVNTXCIgT1IgbWVzc2FnZTpcIkZpbmlzaGVkOiBGQUlMVVJFXCIpIiwiZmllbGRzIjpbXSwib2Zmc2V0IjowLCJ0aW1lZnJhbWUiOiIxNzI4MDAiLCJncmFwaG1vZGUiOiJjb3VudCIsInRpbWUiOnsidXNlcl9pbnRlcnZhbCI6MH0sInN0YW1wIjoxNDAyNTcyMjk4NTE4LCJtb2RlIjoic2NvcmUiLCJhbmFseXplX2ZpZWxkIjoiYnVpbGRfc3RhdHVzIn0=
> This job is run on diskimage-builder and ironic jobs in the the gate
> queue. Those jobs are now part of the integrated gate queue due to the
> overlap with oslotest jobs.
> This is *really* problematic, and too low to be voting. Anything < 90%
> pass rate is really an issue.
> It looks like these issues are actually structural with the job, because
> unlike our other configurations which aggressively try to avoid network
> interaction (which we've found is too unreliable), this job adds the
> cloud archive repository on the fly, and pulls content from there.
> That's never going to have a high success rate.
> I'm proposing we turn this off - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/99630/
> The ironic team needs to go back to the drawing board a little here and
> work on getting all the packages and repositories they need pulled down
> into nodepool so we can isolate from network effects before we can make
> this job gating again.


Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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