[openstack-dev] dev source code with the help of packstack and another question, thank you very much.

btdan at 163.com btdan at 163.com
Thu Jun 12 07:50:38 UTC 2014

     I use packstack to install openstack, but I have found a few questions: (Centos 6.5 os)
     1)  The directory /var/lib/glance is not big enough to store the images. I modify the config files in the file /etc/glance/glance-api.conf  and  /etc/glance/glance-cache.conf ,modify the filesystem_store_datadir . But when I run packstack again to reinstall openstack: 
packstack --answer-file=packstack-answers-20140606-140240.txt 
after this operation, the value of parameter filesystem_store_datadir is changed to the default value(filesystem_store_datadir=/var/lib/glance/images/ ) . Is there any method to change the value for ever? 
and the similar thing happens to nova instance store directory. Thank you very much.

2) How can I modify the source code and reinstall openstack with the help of packstack ? 
Thank you very much.
Best wishes to you.

btdan at 163.com
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