[openstack-dev] [Nova][QA] Disabling the v3 API tests in the gate

Ken'ichi Ohmichi ken1ohmichi at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 01:08:23 UTC 2014

Hi Matthew,

2014-06-12 7:00 GMT+09:00 Matthew Treinish <mtreinish at kortar.org>:
> Hi everyone,
> As part of debugging all the bugs that have been plaguing the gate the past
> couple of weeks one of the things that came up is that we're still running the
> v3 API tests in the gate. AIUI at summit Nova decided that the v3 API test won't
> exist as a separate major version. So I'm not sure there is much value in
> continuing to run the API tests.
> The main motivator for doing this is the total run time of tempest, the v3 tests
> add ~7-10min of time to the gating jobs right now. [1] (which is just a time
> test, not how it'll be implemented) While this doesn't seem like much it
> actually would make a big difference in our total throughput. Every little bit
> counts. There are probably some other less quantifiable benefits to removing the
> extra testing like for example slightly decreasing the load on nova in an
> already stressed environment like the gating nodes.
> So I'd like to propose that we disable running the v3 API tests in the gate. I
> was thinking we would keep the tests around in tree for as long as there was
> a v3 API in any supported nova branch, but instead of running them in the gate
> just have a nightly bit-rot job on the tests and also add it to the experimental
> queue.
> Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions about whether we should still be
> running the v3 API tests on every commit?

Now we are discussing how to handle v3 API tests of Tempest on a
nova-specs review[2], and the tests are still necessary at this
time before getting a conclusion.

How about disabling Nova v2 XML API tests instead of v3 API tests?
Now v2 XML support is deprecated and I think we can disable them:


Ken'ichi Ohmichi

> [1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/98525/

[2] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/84695/

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