[openstack-dev] [Cinder] Mid-cycle meetup for Cinder devs

D'Angelo, Scott scott.dangelo at hp.com
Wed Jun 11 21:16:53 UTC 2014

During the June 11 #openstack-cinder meeting we discussed a mid-cycle meetup. The agenda is To be Determined.
I have inquired and HP in Fort Collins, CO has room and network connectivity available. There were some dates that worked well for reserving a nice room:
July 14,15,17,18, 21-25, 27-Aug 1
But a room could be found regardless.
Virtual connectivity would also be available.

Some of the open questions are:
Are developers interested in a mid-cycle meetup?
What dates are Not Good (Blackout dates)?
What dates are Good?
Whom might be able to be physically present in Ft Collins, CO?
Are there alternative locations to be considered?

Someone had mentioned a Google Survey. Would someone like to create that? Which questions should be asked?

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