[openstack-dev] NFV in OpenStack use cases and context

ramki Krishnan ramk at Brocade.com
Wed Jun 11 04:58:43 UTC 2014

Hi Cu Volker,

Many thanks for catching this. I will fix this shortly.


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Hi Ramki,

On 11.06.2014 00:06, ramki Krishnan wrote:>

there are a two typo on the last line of the docoment, IMHO:

x1+x2+x3 >= 20 VMs, x1 <= 10 VMs, x2 <= 10 VMs, x3 <= 10 VMs
y1+y2+y3 >= 2 Gbps, y1 = 0, y2 <= 10Gbps, y3 <= 10Gbps

cu Volker


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