[openstack-dev] [NFV] Re: NFV in OpenStack use cases and context

MENDELSOHN, ITAI (ITAI) itai.mendelsohn at alcatel-lucent.com
Tue Jun 10 09:00:59 UTC 2014

Shall we continue this discussion?


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>> > Subject: Re: NFV in OpenStack use cases and context
>> > 
>> > Can we look at them one by one?
>> > 
>> > Use case 1 - It's pure IaaS
>> > Use case 2 - Virtual network function as a service. It's actually
>> > exposing services to end customers (enterprises) by the service
>> > Use case 3 - VNPaaS - is similar to #2 but at the service level. At
>> > scale and not at the "app" level only.
>> > Use case 4 - VNF forwarding graphs. It's actually about dynamic
>> > connectivity between apps.
>> > Use case 5 - vEPC and vIMS - Those are very specific (good) examples
>>of SP
>> > services to be deployed.
>> > Use case 6 - virtual mobile base station. Another very specific
>> > with different characteristics than the other two above.
>> > Use case 7 - Home virtualisation.
>> > Use case 8 - Virtual CDN
>> > 
>> > As I see it those have totally different relevancy to OpenStack.
>> > Assuming we don't want to boil the ocean hereŠ
>> > 
>> > 1-3 seems to me less relevant here.
>> > 4 seems to be a Neutron area.
>> > 5-8 seems to be usefully to understand the needs of the NFV apps. The
>> > case can help to map those needs.
>> > 
>> > For 4 I guess the main part is about chaining and Neutron between DCs.
>> > Soma may call it SDN in WAN...
>> > 
>> > For 5-8 at the end an option is to map all those into:
>> > -performance (net BW, storage BW mainly). That can be mapped to
>> > NUMA. Etc'
>> > -determinism. Shall we especially minimise "noisy" neighbours. Not
>> > how NFV is special here, but for sure it's a major concern for lot of
>> > That can be mapped to huge pages, cache QOS, etc'.
>> > -overcoming of short term hurdles (just because of apps migrations
>> > issues). Small example is the need to define the tick policy of KVM
>> > because that's what the app needs. Again, not sure how NFV special it
>> > and again a major concern of mainly application owners in the NFV
>> > 
>> > Make sense?
>Hi Itai,
>This makes sense to me. I think what we need to expand upon, with the
>ETSI NFV documents as a reference, is a two to three paragraph
>explanation of each use case explained at a more basic level - ideally on
>the Wiki page. It seems that use case 5 might make a particularly good
>initial target to work on fleshing out as an example? We could then look
>at linking the use case to concrete requirements based on this, I suspect
>we might want to break them down into:
>a) The bare minimum requirements for OpenStack to support the use case at
>all. That is, requirements that without which the VNF simply can not
>b) The requirements that are not mandatory but would be beneficial for
>OpenStack to support the use case. In particularly that might be
>requirements that would improve VNF performance or reliability by some
>margin (possibly significantly) but which it can function without if
>absolutely required.

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