[openstack-dev] [marconi] Reconsidering the unified API model

Mark McLoughlin markmc at redhat.com
Tue Jun 10 08:48:31 UTC 2014

On Mon, 2014-06-09 at 19:31 +0000, Kurt Griffiths wrote:
> Lately we have been talking about writing drivers for traditional
> message brokers that will not be able to support the message feeds
> part of the API. I’ve started to think that having a huge part of the
> API that may or may not “work”, depending on how Marconi is deployed,
> is not a good story for users, esp. in light of the push to make
> different clouds more interoperable.

Perhaps the first point to get super clear on is why drivers for
traditional message brokers are needed. What problems would such drivers
address? Who would the drivers help? Would the Marconi team recommend
using any of those drivers for a production queuing service? Would the
subset of Marconi's API which is implementable by these drivers really
be useful for application developers?

I'd like to understand that in more detail because I worry the Marconi
team is being pushed into adding these drivers without truly believing
they will be useful. And if that would not be a sane context to make a
serious architectural change.

OTOH if there are real, valid use cases for these drivers, then
understanding those would inform the architecture decision.


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