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FYI: We now have the initial Glance spec up for review.  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/98554/

We generalized a few concepts and will look at how to bring a few of those concepts back in potentially via a future spec.


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Thanks, Zane and Georgy!

We’ll begin getting all the expected sections for the new Glance spec repo into this document next week and then will upload in RST format for formal review. That is a bit more expedient since there are still several people editing. In the meantime, we’ll take any additional comments in the google doc.


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I think this is a great feature to have it in Glance. Tagging mechanism for objects which are not owned by Glance is complimentary to artifact catalog\repository in Glance. As soon as we keep tags and artifacts metadata close to each other the end-user will be able to use them seamlessly.
Artifacts also can use tags to find objects outside of artifact repository which is always good to have.
In Murano project we use Glance tags to find correct images which are required by specific applications. It will be great to extend this to other objects like networks, routers and flavors so that application write can specify kind of object are required for his application.


On Fri, May 30, 2014 at 11:45 AM, Zane Bitter <zbitter at redhat.com<mailto:zbitter at redhat.com>> wrote:
On 29/05/14 18:42, Tripp, Travis S wrote:
Hello everyone!

At the summit in Atlanta we demonstrated the “Graffiti” project
concepts.  We received very positive feedback from members of multiple
dev projects as well as numerous operators.  We were specifically asked
multiple times about getting the Graffiti metadata catalog concepts into
Glance so that we can start to officially support the ideas we
demonstrated in Horizon.

After a number of additional meetings at the summit and working through
ideas the past week, we’ve created the initial proposal for adding a
Metadata Catalog to Glance for capabilities and tags.  This is distinct
from the “Artifact Catalog”, but we do see that capability and tag
catalog can be used with the artifact catalog.

We’ve detailed our initial proposal in the following Google Doc.  Mark
Washenberger agreed that this was a good place to capture the initial
proposal and we can later move it over to the Glance spec repo which
will be integrated with Launchpad blueprints soon.


Please take a look and let’s discuss!

Also, the following video is a brief recap of what was demo’ d at the
summit.  It should help to set a lot of understanding behind the ideas
in the proposal.


Thank you!

Travis Tripp (HP)

Murali Sundar (Intel)
*A Few Related Blueprints *






+1, this is something that will be increasingly important to orchestration. The folks working on the TOSCA (and others) -> HOT translator project might be able to comment in more detail, but basically as people start wanting to write templates that run on multiple clouds (potentially even non-OpenStack clouds) some sort of catalog for capabilities will become crucial.


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