[openstack-dev] [all] Gate still backed up - need assistance with nova-network logging enhancements

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Mon Jun 9 13:45:00 UTC 2014

Based on some back of envelope math the gate is basically processing 2
changes an hour, failing one of them. So if you want to know how long
the gate is, take the length / 2 in hours.

Right now we're doing a lot of revert roulette, trying to revert things
that we think landed about the time things went bad. I call this
roulette because in many cases the actual issue isn't well understood. A
key reason for this is:

*nova network is a blackhole*

There is no work unit logging in nova-network, and no attempted
verification that the commands it ran did a thing. Most of these
failures that we don't have good understanding of are the network not
working under nova-network.

So we could *really* use a volunteer or two to prioritize getting that
into nova-network. Without it we might manage to turn down the failure
rate by reverting things (or we might not) but we won't really know why,
and we'll likely be here again soon.


Sean Dague

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