[openstack-dev] [TripleO][Fuel] relationship btw TripleO and Fuel

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Dear all,
Seems like both Fuel and TripleO are designed to solve problem of complex Openstack installation and Deployment. TripleO is using Heat for orchestration. If we can define network creation, OS provision and deployment in Heat template, seems like they can achieve similar goal. So can anyone explain the difference of these two projects, and future roadmap of each of them? Thanks!
TripleO is a program aimed at installing, upgrading and operating OpenStack clouds using OpenStack's own cloud facilities as the foundations - building on nova, neutron and heat to automate fleet management at datacentre scale (and scaling down to as few as 2 machines).
Fuel is an all-in-one control plane for automated hardware discovery, network verification, operating systems provisioning and deployment of OpenStack. It provides user-friendly Web interface for installations management, simplifying OpenStack installation up to a few clicks.
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