[openstack-dev] Python API of python-.+client

Michael Bright mjbrightfr at gmail.com
Sun Jun 8 08:35:26 UTC 2014

I'm interested to know what is the status of the Python API of the
python-novaclient, and the Python APIs of other OpenStack clients.

On the github page <https://github.com/openstack/python-novaclient/> it is
    "*There's also a complete Python API, but it has not yet been

Having written some bash scripts to automate some tasks this week I thought
I should really have done this in Python, but then
when I see this comment this discourages me - but more importantly raises
many questions.
There are also few examples available on the web for these APIs - though I
have used them in the past for some v. small scripts.

I ask these questions about python-novaclient, but am also interested in
how they apply to other OpenStack clients.

  * Are people actually using the Python API ?
    If so, is it as stable, or more or less stable than the command-line
client ?
    If not why not - are you using other APIs, or just bash scripting
around the command-line client ?

  * What are the plans, if any, to improve the situation ?
    Is it just a question of someone stepping up and writing documentation ?
    Is there a clear idea of what needs to be done ?
    Are there bugs open against the documentation for this API (Sorry not
to spend the time to search right now ...)

I'd certainly like to contribute to the documentation if this is considered
worthwhile ... I'm just surprised that this API seems to be

Interested to hear your thoughts/experiences.
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