[openstack-dev] Arbitrary "extra specs" for compute nodes?

Joe Cropper cropper.joe at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 06:30:11 UTC 2014

Hi Folks,

I was wondering if there was any such mechanism in the compute node
structure to hold arbitrary key-value pairs, similar to flavors'
"extra_specs" concept?

It appears there are entries for things like pci_stats, stats and recently
added extra_resources -- but these all tend to have more specific usages
vs. just arbitrary data that may want to be maintained about the compute
node over the course of its lifetime.

Unless I'm overlooking an existing construct for this, would this be
something that folks would welcome a Juno blueprint for--i.e., adding
extra_specs style column with a JSON-formatted string that could be loaded
as a dict of key-value pairs?


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