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Arnaud Legendre alegendre at vmware.com
Thu Jun 5 18:35:20 UTC 2014

Hi Folks 

We are currently working on the logistic to organize the Glance mid-cycle meetup. 
What we know so far: 
- it will happen in California, USA (either in Palo Alto or San Francisco), 
- it will be a 3 days event in the week Jul 28th - Aug 1st (either Monday to Wednesday or Tuesday to Thursday), 

With that in mind, please add yourself to this etherpad if you think you will be able to attend: 

This will help a lot for the organization! 

Thank you, 

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Hi Folks! 

Ashwhini has put together a great survey to help us plan our Glance mid cycle meetup. Please fill it out if you think you might be interested in attending! In particular we're trying to figure out sponsorship and location. If you have no location preference, feel free to leave those check boxes blank. 



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