[openstack-dev] [Neutron][dhcp] Agent manager customization

ZZelle zzelle at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 17:27:13 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

I would like to propose a change to allow/simplify dhcp agent manager
customization (like the l3-agent-consolidation spec) and i would like
the community feedback.

Just to precise my context, I deploy OpenStack for small specific business
use cases and i often customize it because of specific use case needs.
In particular sometimes i must customize dhcp agent behavior in order
- add custom iptables rules in the dhcp namespace (on dhcp post-deployment),
- remove custom iptables rules in the dhcp namespace (on dhcp pre-undeployment),
- start an application like the metadata-proxy in the dhcp namespace
for isolated networks (on dhcp post-deployment/update),
- stop an application in the dhcp namespace for isolated networks (on
dhcp pre-undeployment/update),
- etc ...
Currently (Havana,Icehouse), i create my own DHCP agent manager which extends
neutron one and allows to define pre/post dhcp (un)deployment
And I replace neutron-dhcp-agent binary, indeed it's not possible to
change/hook dhcp agent manager implementation by configuration.

What would be the correct way to allow dhcp agent manager customization ?

For my need, allowing to:
 - specify dhcp agent manager implementation through configuration and
 - add 4 methods (pre/post dhcp (un)deployment)in dhcp manager
workflow with empty implementation that can replaced using subclass

would be enough.

Based on other needs, a mechanism principle could be better or a
monkey_patch approach (as in nova) could be more generic.

I have the feeling that the correct way mustly depends on how such
feature could interest the community.

Thanks for your feedbacks,

Cedric (zzelle at irc
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