[openstack-dev] Kerberization of Horizon (kerbhorizon?)

Adam Young ayoung at redhat.com
Wed Jun 4 18:53:03 UTC 2014

OK,  so I'm cranking on All of the Kerberso stuff: plus S4U2Proxy work 
etc....except that I have never worked with DJango directly before.  I 
want to get a sanity check on my approach:

Instead of "authenticating" to Keystone, Horizon will use mod_auth_krb5 
and REMOTE_USER to authenticate the user.  Then, in order to get a 
Keystone token, the code in 
openstack_dashboard/api/keystone.py:keystoneclient   needs to fetch a 
token for the user.

This will be done using a Kerberized Keystone and S4U2Proxy setup. There 
are alternatives using TGT delegation that I really want to have nothing 
to do with.

The keystoneclient call currently does:

         conn = api_version['client'].Client(token=user.token.id,

when I am done it would do:
from keystoneclient.contrib.auth.v3 import kerberos

||auth = kerberos.Kerberos(OS_AUTH_URL)||||
||auth = v3.auth.Token(token=user.token.id)

|sess=session.Session(kerb_auth, verify=OS_CACERT)|||
|||conn = client.Client(session=sess, region_name='RegionOne') |

(with the other parameters from the original call going into auth, 
session. or client as appropriate)

Am I on track?

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