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Martinez, Christian christian.martinez at intel.com
Wed Jun 4 14:54:20 UTC 2014

I'm adding the ceilometer tag so the Ceilometer guys can participate as well.

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Hi Liz,
The designs look really cool and I think that we should consider a couple of things (more related to the alarm's implementation made at Ceilometer):

*         There are combined alarms, which are a combination of two or more alarms. We need to see how they work and how we can show/modify them (or even if we want to show them)

*         Currently, the alarms doesn't have a severity field. Which will be the intention to have this? Is to be able to filter by "alarm severity"? Is to have a way to distinguish the "not-so-critical" alarms that the ones that are critical?

*         The alarms have a "list of actions" to be executed based on their current state. I think that the intention of that feature was to create alarms that could manage and trigger different actions based on their "alarm state". For instance, if an alarm is created but doesn't have enough data to be evaluated, the state is "insufficient data", and you can add actions to be triggered when this happens, for instance writing a LOG file or calling an URL. Maybe we could use this functionality that to notify the user whenever an alarm is triggered and we also should consider that when creating or updating the alarms as well.

More related to Alarms in general :

*         What are the ideas around the alarm notifications? I saw that your intention is to have some sort of "g+ notifications" but what about other solutions/options, like email (using Mistral, perhaps'), logs. What do you guys think about that?

*         The alarms could be created by the users as well.. I would add that CRUD functionality on the alarms tab on the overview section as well.

Hope it helps

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Subject: [openstack-dev] [Horizon] [UX] Design for Alarming and Alarm Management

Hi All,

I've recently put together a set of wireframes[1] around Alarm Management that would support the following blueprint:

If you have a chance it would be great to hear any feedback that folks have on this direction moving forward with Alarms.


[1] http://people.redhat.com/~lsurette/OpenStack/Alarm%20Management%20-%202014-05-30.pdf
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