[openstack-dev] [Marconi] Kafka support and high throughput

Flavio Percoco flavio at redhat.com
Wed Jun 4 09:06:35 UTC 2014

On 02/06/14 07:52 -0700, Keith Newstadt wrote:
>Thanks for the responses Flavio, Roland.
>Some background on why I'm asking:  we're using Kafka as the message queue for a stream processing service we're building, which we're delivering to our internal customers as a service along with OpenStack.  We're considering building a high throughput ingest API to get the clients' data streams into the stream processing service.  It occurs to me that this API is simply a messaging API, and so I'm wondering if we should consider building this high throughput API as part of the Marconi project.
>Has this topic come up in the Marconi team's discussions, and would it fit into the vision of the Marconi roadmap?

Yes it has and I'm happy to see this coming up in the ML, thanks.

Some things that we're considering in order to have a more flexible
architecture that will support a higher throughput are:

- Queue Flavors (Terrible name). This is for marconi what flavors are
  for Nova. It basically defines a set of properties that will belong
  to a queue. Some of those properties may be related to the messages
  lifetime or the storage capabilities (in-memory, freaking fast,
  durable, etc). This is yet to be done.

- 2 new drivers (AMQP, redis). The former adds support to brokers and
  the later to well, redis, which brings in support for in-memory
  queues. Work In Progress.

- A new transport. This is something we've discussed but we haven't
  reached an agreement yet on when this should be done nor what it
  should be based on. The gist of this feature is adding support for
  another protocol that can serve Marconi's API alongside the HTTP
  one. We've considered TCP and websocket so far. The former is
  perfect for lower level communications without the HTTP overhead
  whereas the later is useful for web apps.

That said. A Kafka plugin is something we heard a lot about at the
summit and we've discussed it a bit. I'd love to see that happening as
an external plugin for now. There's no need to wait for the rest to

I'm more than happy to help with guidance and support on the repo
creation, driver structure etc.


>Keith Newstadt
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>There are some folks in HP evaluating different messaging technologies for
>Marconi, such as RabbitMQ and Kafka. I'll ping them and maybe they can
>some information.
>On a related note, the Monitoring as a Service solution we are working
>on uses Kafka. This was just open-sourced at,
>and will be moving over to StackForge starting next week. The architecture
>is at,
>I haven't really looked at Marconi. If you are interested in
>throughput, low latency, durability, scale and fault-tolerance Kafka
>seems like a great choice.
>It has been also pointed out from various sources that possibly Kafka
>could be another oslo.messaging transport. Are you looking into that as
>that would be very interesting to me and something that is on my task
>list that I haven't gotten to yet.
>On 5/30/14, 7:03 AM, "Keith Newstadt" <keith_newstadt at symantec.com> wrote:
>>Has anyone given thought to using Kafka to back Marconi?  And has there
>>been discussion about adding high throughput APIs to Marconi.
>>We're looking at providing Kafka as a messaging service for our
>>customers, in a scenario where throughput is a priority.  We've had good
>>luck using both streaming HTTP interfaces and long poll interfaces to get
>>high throughput for other web services we've built.  Would this use case
>>be appropriate in the context of the Marconi roadmap?
>>Keith Newstadt
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