[openstack-dev] Fwd: [ironic bare metal installation issue]

严超 yanchao727 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 08:57:55 UTC 2014

    Hi, All:

  When I tried to deploy a bare metal using ironic and following
http://ma.ttwagner.com/bare-metal-deploys-with-devstack-and-ironic/, I face
the one issue:

   - First I create ubuntu images by using diskimage-builder
   - sudo ./bin/ramdisk-image-create -a amd64 ubuntu deploy-ironic -o
    - sudo ./bin/disk-image-create -a amd64 ubuntu deploy-ironic -o
   - Then I got three images:
   - deploy-ramdisk.initramfs (pxe_deploy_ramdisk in ironic node)
      - deploy-ramdisk.kernel (pxe_deploy_kernel in ironic node)
      - deploy-ramdisk-ubuntu (pxe_image_source in ironic node)
   - Finally, I deploy my node with these three images and got
   provison_state active:

   [image: 内嵌图片 1]
          But on the bare metal node there is no installed system, it stuck
at this screen.
[image: 内嵌图片 2]

        Can anyone please tell me if above disk-image-builder commands are
correct? Why image is not installed in bare metal server successfully?

 *Best Regards!*

*Chao Yan *
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