[openstack-dev] [Neutron][LBaaS] Requirements around statistics and billing

Eichberger, German german.eichberger at hp.com
Tue Jun 3 22:20:45 UTC 2014

Hi Stephen,

We would like all those numbers as well ☺

Additionally, we measure:

·         When a lb instance was created, deleted, etc.

·         For monitoring we “ping” a load balancers health check and report/act on the results

·         For user’s troubleshooting we make the haproxy logs available. Which contain connection information like from, to, duration, protocol, status (though we frequently have been told that this is not really useful for debugging…) and of course having that more gui-fied would be neat


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Hi folks!

We have yet to have any kind of meaningful discussion on this list around load balancer stats (which, I presume to include data that will eventually need to be consumed by a billing system). I'd like to get the discussion started here, as this will have significant meaning for how we both make this data available to users, and how we implement back-end systems to be able to provide this data.

So!  What kinds of data are people looking for, as far as load balancer statistics.

For our part, as an absolute minimum we need the following per loadbalancer + listener combination:

* Total bytes transferred in for a given period
* Total bytes transferred out for a given period

Our product and billing people I'm sure would like the following as well:

* Some kind of peak connections / second data (95th percentile or average over a period, etc.)
* Total connections for a given period
* Total HTTP / HTTPS requests served for a given period

And the people who work on UIs and put together dashboards would like:

* Current requests / second (average for last X seconds, either on-demand, or simply dumped regularly).
* Current In/Out bytes throughput

And our monitoring people would like this:

* Errors / second
* Current connections / second and bytes throughput secant slope (ie. like derivative but easier to calculate from digital data) for last X seconds (ie. detecting massive spikes or drops in traffic, potentially useful for detecting a problem before it becomes critical)

And some of our users would like all of the above data per pool, and not just for loadbalancer + listener. Some would also like to see it per member (though I'm less inclined to make this part of our standard).

I'm also interested in hearing vendor capabilities here, as it doesn't make sense to design stats that most can't implement, and I imagine vendors also have valuable data on what their customer ask for / what stats are most useful in troubleshooting.

What other statistics data for load balancing are meaningful and hopefully not too arduous to calculate? What other data are your users asking for or accustomed to seeing?


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