[openstack-dev] [qa] shared review dashboard proposal

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Mon Jun 2 10:57:04 UTC 2014

Towards the end of the summit there was a discussion about us using a
shared review dashboard to see if a common view by the team would help
accelerate people looking at certain things. I spent some time this
weekend working on a tool to make building custom dashboard urls much

My current proposal is the following, and would like comments on it:

All items in the dashboard are content that you've not voted on in the
current patch revision, that you don't own, and that have passing
Jenkins test results.

1. QA Specs - these need more eyes, so we highlight them at top of page
2. Patches that are older than 5 days, with no code review
3. Patches that you are listed as a reviewer on, but haven't voting on
current version
4. Patches that already have a +2, so should be landable if you agree.
5. Patches that have no negative code review feedback on them
6. Patches older than 2 days, with no code review

These are definitely a judgement call on what people should be looking
at, but this seems a pretty reasonable triaging list. I'm happy to have
a discussion on changes to this list.

The url for this is -  http://goo.gl/g4aMjM

(the long url is very long:

The url can be regenerated easily using the gerrit-dash-creator.


Sean Dague

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