[openstack-dev] [Neutron] Specs approved for Juno-3 and exceptions

Salvatore Orlando sorlando at nicira.com
Wed Jul 23 12:28:30 UTC 2014

I'm sure it is not news to anyone that we already have approved a too many
specifications for Juno-3. The PTL made clear indeed that "Low priority"
blueprints are considered best effort.

However, this already leaves us with 23 medium to high specifications to
merge in Juno-3. This is already quite close to what the core team can
handle, considering history from previous releases and the fact that there
are 3 very big items in the list (new LB APIs, distributed router, and
group policies).

I've counted already at least 7 requests for spec freeze exceptions on the
mailing list, and it is likely more will come. In order to limit
oversubscribing, I would suggest to exclude freeze exceptions requests for
items which are not:
- targeting stability and scalability for Neutron FOSS framework
- have a "community" interest. By that I do not mean necessarily targeting
the FOSS bits, but necessarily have support and interest from a number of
teams of neutron contributors.

I don't want to be evil to contributors, but I think it is better to be
clear now rather than arriving at the end of Juno-3 and having to tell
contributors that unfortunately we were not able to give their patches
enough review cycles.

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