[openstack-dev] [all] Proper use of 'git review -R'

David Kranz dkranz at redhat.com
Tue Dec 30 14:46:35 UTC 2014

Many times when I review a revision of an existing patch, I can't see 
just the change from the previous version due to other rebases. The 
git-review documentation mentions this issue and suggests using -R to 
make life easier for reviewers when submitting new revisions. Can some 
one explain when we should *not* use -R after doing 'git commit 
--amend'? Or is using -R just something that should be done but many 
folks don't know about it?


 From git-review doc:

-R, --no-rebase
Do not automatically perform a rebase before submitting the
change to Gerrit.

When submitting a change for review, you will usually want it to
be based on the tip of upstream branch in order to avoid possible
conflicts. When amending a change and rebasing the new patchset,
the Gerrit web interface will show a difference between the two
patchsets which contains all commits in between. This may confuse
many reviewers that would expect to see a much simpler differ‐

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