[openstack-dev] [Rally] [ReadTheDocs] Having the default docs theme in gates

Mikhail Dubov mdubov at mirantis.com
Wed Dec 24 06:15:05 UTC 2014

Hi all,

in Rally gates, we have a job that automatically builds the Sphinx
documentation for ReadTheDocs so that we can surf through it while
reviewing new patches. It produces, however, HTML files in a format which
is different from the default one (used on ReadTheDocs).

We've found <http://read-the-docs.readthedocs.org/en/latest/theme.html> the
following snippet that enables the default ReadTheDocs theme locally (and
so in gates):

# on_rtd is whether we are on readthedocs.orgimport oson_rtd =
os.environ.get('READTHEDOCS', None) == 'True'
if not on_rtd:  # only import and set the theme if we're building docs locally
    import sphinx_rtd_theme
    html_theme = 'sphinx_rtd_theme'
    html_theme_path = [sphinx_rtd_theme.get_html_theme_path()]
# otherwise, readthedocs.org uses their theme by default, so no need
to specify it

The problem is that it uses the sphinx_rtd_theme
<https://pypi.python.org/pypi/sphinx_rtd_theme> package, which is not
included in the global requirements. What should we do then do have that
default ReadTheDocs theme in our gates?

Best regards,
Mikhail Dubov

Engineering OPS
Mirantis, Inc.
E-Mail: mdubov at mirantis.com
Skype: msdubov
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