[openstack-dev] [Fuel] Relocation of freshly deployed OpenStack by Fuel

Skowron, Pawel pawel.skowron at intel.com
Sat Dec 20 19:27:12 UTC 2014

-Need a little guidance with Mirantis version of OpenStack.

We want move freshly deployed cloud, without running instances but with HA option to other physical location.
The other location means different ranges of public network. And I really want move my installation without cloud redeployment.

What I think is required to change is public network settings. The public network settings can be divided in two different areas:
1) Floating ip range for external access to running VM instances
2) Fuel reserved pool for service endpoints (virtual ips and staticly assigned ips)

The first one 1) I believe but I haven't tested that _is not a problem_ but any insight will be invaluable.
I think it would be possible change to floating network ranges, as an admin in OpenStack itself. I will just add another "network" as external network.

But the second issue 2) is I am worried about. What I found the virtual ips (vip) are assigned to one of controller (primary role of HA)
and written in haproxy/pacemaker configuration. To allow access from public network by this ips I would probably need
to reconfigure all HA support services which have hardcoded vips in its configuration files, but it looks very complicated and fragile.

I have even found that public_vip is used in nova.conf (to get access to glance). So the relocation will require reconfiguration of nova and maybe other openstack services.
In the case of KeyStone it would be a real problem (ips are stored in database).

Has someone any experience with this kind of scenario and would be kind to share it ? Please help.

I have used Fuel 6.0 technical preview.

Pawel Skowron
pawel.skowron at intel.com<mailto:pawel.skowron at intel.com>

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