[openstack-dev] The state of nova-network to neutron migration

Anita Kuno anteaya at anteaya.info
Fri Dec 19 16:59:31 UTC 2014

Rather than waste your time making excuses let me state where we are and
where I would like to get to, also sharing my thoughts about how you can
get involved if you want to see this happen as badly as I have been told
you do.

Where we are:
    * a great deal of foundation work has been accomplished to achieve
parity with nova-network and neutron to the extent that those involved
are ready for migration plans to be formulated and be put in place
    * a summit session happened with notes and intentions[0]
    * people took responsibility and promptly got swamped with other
    * spec deadlines arose and in neutron's case have passed
    * currently a neutron spec [1] is a work in progress (and it needs
significant work still) and a nova spec is required and doesn't have a
first draft or a champion

Where I would like to get to:
    * I need people in addition to Oleg Bondarev to be available to help
come up with ideas and words to describe them to create the specs in a
very short amount of time (Oleg is doing great work and is a fabulous
person, yay Oleg, he just can't do this alone)
    * specifically I need a contact on the nova side of this complex
problem, similar to Oleg on the neutron side
    * we need to have a way for people involved with this effort to find
each other, talk to each other and track progress
    * we need to have representation at both nova and neutron weekly
meetings to communicate status and needs

We are at K-2 and our current status is insufficient to expect this work
will be accomplished by the end of K-3. I will be championing this work,
in whatever state, so at least it doesn't fall off the map. If you would
like to help this effort please get in contact. I will be thinking of
ways to further this work and will be communicating to those who
identify as affected by these decisions in the most effective methods of
which I am capable.

Thank you to all who have gotten us as far as well have gotten in this
effort, it has been a long haul and you have all done great work. Let's
keep going and finish this.

Thank you,

[0] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kilo-nova-nova-network-to-neutron
[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/142456/

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